Ablilities vs. Disabilities

   I have not blogged here in quite sometime. So I would like to share an experience I had just this morning.
  I have a Service Animal named Karma. She is being trained by myself; which under the Americans Disability Act, with a qualifying disability,( Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990)
a person may train their own pet.
  We went to an appointment approximately 1 month ago. The receptionist stated no dogs allowed. I informed her of the information about the ADA for a person with a Service Dog.
She then, stated she would need paperwork. I again informed her that it was against the law to ask about a disability and/or require specific papers. I do however, have a Service Dog tag on Karma and another in my personal possession. Showing this to her she then stated she would have to take this up with Administration. I was called for my appointment and explained how discriminatory her receptionist was. She spoke with the person, who denied all accusations. Now this is an office that is not accessible for all disabilities. I also informed them of this. 30 days later I went for another appointment. This time; the same receptionist told me; I would have to sit outside and wait. "What" no no no. In that same moment, another person came and asked to pet my Service Animal; in front of this receptionist. She then stated if it was alright with this person, I may come inside. She stated that someone complained at the last appointment. I reminded her that there was no one in the office at that time and I did not appreciate her discriminating behavior. While waiting 2 more people came into this office. I politely ask them if my Service Dog was a nuisance, their response, (with a smile) was no. Being called, for my appointment, I stated that the receptionist was trying to make me sit outside. I stated I would like to speak to Administration about my concern. I was given an email in which, I have already sent to educate there office.
  My point, in this matter is. Peoples with Disabilities have been fighting for the same rights as everyone else. The 1964 Civil Rights Act was enacted for the rights of people in general. In 1973, The Rehabilitation Act was assisting with the disabled population, however, the fight continued. 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted so the a person with a qualified disability has access like everyone else. Even since the Treaty has been signed to protect people with disabilities we will still have to fight.
   As an Advocate for the Disabled I have come online with others to inform and educate this population, so that fair opportunities are available to all. Let us get it together and use our Abilities vs. Disabilities. 

About penny77

I am interested in the Changing or fighting for rights as an American with a disAbilility. Having hidden disAbilities has allowed me to study, research, and advocate for other's who face daily challenge's. Becoming encouraged and empowered to live an equal way of life, has brought many changes in to many people. Access, employment, housing, education are just a few that has raised concerns of equality. With this in mind I believe: "Together We Can and Together We Will", continue to break these barriers that keep from greatness.
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